“The GGP Installer Awards was a great addition to the industry calendar last year. Having a platform to showcase your work is brilliant and provides recognition for the work your team does, from the start of a job to its conclusion. They also recognise the efforts of the specific staff who have worked on a particular project. Having won numerous awards over the years, they have really helped to boost our business and brand – just to be able to say you are an award-winning company can be the reason why you win work ahead of a competitor. Industry specific awards are particularly important as gaining recognition from your peers is fantastic – and your reputation can rocket as a result.”
Peter Wheeler, Managing Director of SEH BAC

“Awards are often overlooked by companies, but they are so important. Standing out from the competition says that you are the best – and that’s what we strive to be at T&K. From experience, award-winning companies stand out from the crowd, while entering and winning awards can boost your credibility and raise your profile. It’s also great for your staff as it rewards them for the job they are doing and can provide higher customer satisfaction. The quality of our work is what attracts customers to us so being able to showcase that work is hugely important – and that’s why the GGP Installer Awards are so important to the industry.”
Adrian Timbers, Sales & Marketing Manager at T&K Home Improvements

“There isn’t enough focus given to the retail sector, which is one of the main reasons Smart Ready is sponsoring the Installer Awards. Installers are the life blood of the industry, they are at the front line, interacting directly with consumers. The Installer Awards are also a fantastic opportunity to recognise the incredible innovation in the industry. Real innovation improves people’s lives, and that’s definitely something worth celebrating.”
Gio Lapporter, Executive Director, Smart Ready