Rising star

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Callum Hills

YES Glazing Solutions

Callum Smith, our apprentice in the field of fenestration, embarked on his journey with us at
the age of 16, straight from school. In his current capacity as a Glazing Technician
apprentice, Callum is actively engaged in learning and mastering the intricacies of window
and door installation, maintenance, and other aspects of glass structure work. He plays a
vital role in on-site assessments, client collaborations, and upholding the highest standards
of quality and craftsmanship in every task.

Starting with us at a young age, Callum's journey as an apprentice involves shadowing
experienced team members, actively participating in training activities, and contributing to
projects under the guidance of seasoned professionals. His dedication to personal and team
development is evident as he navigates the learning process with enthusiasm.

At the age now of nearly 18, Callum Smith has emerged as a standout member of our
fenestration team. Callum is due to complete his apprenticeship soon and Starting as an
apprentice and progressing to a Glazing Technician at such a young age is a testament to
Callum's commitment to personal and professional development.

Harrison Ward

James Wilding Joinery

Harrison has worked for our company for just over 2 years now. He started work with us in
the summer of 2021 as our apprentice. His roles consisted of keeping the workshop clean
and tidy, making sure that tools are put away once they have been used and shadowing
members of our knowledgeable team to lean skills. As time has gone on he has started taking
on more responsibilities, including helping with the application of spray paint, fine finishing
joinery work, installing doors and windows with guidance and manufacturing processes
within the workshop, such as morticing etc.

Sam Corner

Tradeglaze (Lincoln)

Sam Corner is the Sales Coordinator for our glass and glazing fabrication business. He is the
key link between our sales teams, welcoming and hosting customers in our showroom and
dealing with telephone and email queries from customers. Since joining Tradeglaze in
January 2021, amidst the challenging landscape of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sam has become
a beacon of innovation and resilience for the entire Tradeglaze group of companies. His
initial role involved overseeing sales for our retail subsidiary, Jackson Windows, where he
swiftly implemented transformative plans. These strategies not only modernized operations
but also redefined Jackson Windows into a customer-focused entity in the home improvement

Over the past year, Sam's vision and responsibilities have broadened, as he embraced larger
roles within Tradeglaze, significantly bolstering our trade sales teams.

Stephanie Lowcock

Clearview Home Improvements

As Commercial Coordinator Stephanie Lowcock manages Clearview’s contracts as they
progress from the sales side of the business, through pre-commencement and finally to the
operation teams ahead of the start of physical building work.

Steph’s background is varied. After graduating from university with a 2:1 in Geography, she
spent time in different roles, including working within the recruitment sector for several

Since joining the company in September 2021, Stephanie has transformed Clearview’s
approach the contract progression and has incorporated numerous systems and processes
that have massively benefited the business.
Her impact has been incredible, and she truly is a rising star within the glass and glazing

Chris Green

Tyneside Home Improvements

Chris is responsible for all financial and commercial aspects of the business, working closely
with the owner to drive the business forward. Within his role he manages the entire finance
function to include the production of accurate, timely and relevant management information,
and the management of supplier and customer ledgers. He manages the entire HR function
of the business to include apprentices, employees, and Subcontractors, this also includes
overseeing the Health and Safety responsibilities of the business, to include training,
compliance, and insurances.

Chris has significant input in the sales and marketing function of the business, ensuring that
advertising campaigns are planned, and within budget whilst managing internal and external
digital marketing resources. He works closely with the Sales Manager to set sales targets
and strategy to make sure that they are achieved; and beyond that has responsibility for
overseeing the customer service and installations team to ensure that the customer journey
is the best that it can be.

In addition to the above, Chris is responsible for the management of all external and internal
stakeholders of the business to include training providers, accountants, insurers, credit
brokers and regulatory bodies such as the FCA, Pension Providers, and HMRC.

Brent Tromp

Starglaze Windows

One of the key responsibilities of Brent, is to develop, mentor and coach his teams to
implement effective strategies to attract customers and increase sales while delivering
exceptional customer service. . This involves analysing market trends, identifying customer
needs, and developing marketing campaigns to promote the company's products. Brent also
monitor’s sales performance and adjust strategies accordingly to meet targets.