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Andy Boyce

Your Price Windows Express

Andy is our Managing Director and Chief Problem Solver. Andy is a great leader, and while
he is the owner and MD, he is always happy to help with the day-to-day running of the
company to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If we have a supplier issue which would cause a delay to our scheduled installation date,
Andy can always solve the problem with his quick thinking. Andy has years of experience in
the window and door industry, having started out as a fitter, followed by owning and running
a window and door manufacturing factory to now having a retail showroom and managing a
team of installers. Andy believes in making sure we offer our customers the best possible
product and experience. He carries out all surveys personally and gets to know our

Andy is a busy man, but he always takes the time to help members of the team to solve
queries. They might be from Architects who submit plans to be quoted or customers who are
having an extension built and do not fully understand what is needed or required to have
new windows and doors installed. This often includes discussing the best possible product
for their home, ensuring they meet building regulations.

Craig Carter


Craig holds a pivotal role as a Director at Bifoldshop, where his multifaceted responsibilities
play a vital part in the company's success. With unwavering dedication, he oversees various
aspects of the business, ensuring its smooth operation and growth.

First and foremost, Craig is entrusted with managing the day-to-day installations of
Bifoldshop's Installations. His meticulous attention to detail and problem-solving skills
ensure that each installation is carried out efficiently and to the highest standards. His
leadership ensures that customer satisfaction remains paramount, as the installations are
often the final touchpoint in the customer experience.

In addition to his installation duties, Craig takes on the role of surveying new projects. His
keen eye for assessing spaces and understanding customer needs allows him to provide
accurate project assessments and recommendations. This early stage of project development
is critical, as it sets the foundation for successful installations and satisfied clients.

Craig's responsibilities extend beyond execution; he also plays a pivotal role in training new
installation teams. His extensive experience and expertise in the field make him a valuable
mentor for newcomers, ensuring they adhere to company standards and best practices. By
fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, he contributes to the
professional development of the entire team.

Craig's dedication to his responsibilities as a Director at Bifoldshop makes him an
indispensable asset. His unwavering commitment to quality installations, project assessment,
and training new teams reflects the company's dedication to delivering exceptional products
and services. Under his guidance, Bifoldshop continues to thrive and uphold its reputation
for excellence in the industry.

Ian Short

Morley Glass

Ian Short is Managing Director of Morley Glass, a company that specialises in the
manufacture and supply of integral blind units (Venetian and pleated blinds encapsulated
within double or triple glazed units) created using ScreenLine blind systems.

He founded the business in 1998 and has always been actively involved in the day-to-day
operations of the business. Today he is assisted by his senior management team of three
other directors, as part of an overall workforce of 105 people, who ensure the factory, the
supply chain, customer service support and supporting head office functions operate with
maximum efficiency.

Ian’s style of management is very ‘light touch’. He has created a culture where everyone
shares a positive mindset and a dedication to quality throughout everything they do. That is
not something that has been created overnight, however, it has evolved over 25 years
through investing in the right people, training and development, so the finished products are
to a standard where they effectively ‘sell themselves’.

Ian is involved in the strategic direction of the business which includes working closely with
key supply chain partners Pellini S.p.A (manufacturer of ScreenLine integral blind systems)
and Saint-Gobain Glass to continuously develop the Morley Glass product portfolio. He has
also been the driving force behind the successful post-consumer glass recycling initiative,
which arguably would not have taken off so quickly without having a passionate advocate
like Ian.

However, that doesn't mean Ian isn’t prepared to ‘muck in’ wherever needed! He regularly
liaises with customers and suppliers, and every day he works to support and mentor
wherever he can to keep the team on track with orders and ensure customer queries are
resolved quickly and efficiently. He even makes the teas and coffees for his employees on
arrival in the morning as he is usually first in!

Kevin Wallis


Kev’s primary role is to keep our customers happy, and over the past 42 years Kev has managed to do this extremely successfully. His core role and responsibilities are technical service engineer and key account sales manager: in short he sorts problems out for customers when they arise, and sells product to our customers while helping them grow. Internally Kev is recognised as the person to turn to for all technical resolutions - a Font of knowledge, whil externally he is liked and adored by our customers as no problem is ever too big to resolve and he does so with a smile on his face.