Best technical innovation

aïr 180XLS lift and slide door

Everglade Windows

Looking to provide a future-proofed product to our customers, Everglade Windows’ launch of the aïr 180XLS Lift & Slide Door features numerous leading engineering and design feats that deliver a standout product.

With exceptionally low U-values and extreme weather performance, the 180XLS will help improve the efficiency of buildings throughout the country and give installers confidence that they are ready to meet the Future Homes Standard.

On top of this, the 180XLS also offers captivating aesthetics, with huge panel sizes and slim sightlines, meaning there is no compromise in the drive for energy efficiency.

Pioneering technical innovations within this product include:
• Highly engineered frames with incredibly complex polyamide thermal breaks, which are made up of an intricately detailed formation of specific shapes and webs to boast incredible insulation. The result of this innovation means the 180XLS delivers U-values from 0.8 W/m2K, equivalent to Passivhaus standards as well as providing an energy rating of B.

• A combination of the highly engineered frames and the use of an innovative gasket to provide a completely tight seal around the door, means the door also achieves exceptional weather performance. With wind resistance of 2000 Pa, air tightness of 600 Pa and water tightness of 1200 Pa.

• As an industry, we have a direct responsibility to improve the performance of our housing stock in order to achieve our environmental goals. With a U-value from 0.8 W/m2K, the aïr 180XLS ensures that homes are now well insulated to reduce our carbon footprint. As well as the performance, the aïr 180XLS is also made from recycled aluminium, ensuring an eco-friendly process from start to finish.

Code Sharing Viewer

RPS Software

The RPS Software Code Sharing Viewer is a brand-new innovation for use by those involved in the Conservatory and Orangery installation market.

The new feature enables homeowners to view their proposed design in Augmented Reality on a smartphone or tablet. A salesman or surveyor from the company quoting for a job visits a homeowner and agrees a design with them for their new room. Using the new feature they then send the homeowner a link to the app store to download the RPS App and enter a code that has been generated for them. This enables the homeowner to see the design that has been created for them in Augmented Reality and by enabling their camera on the smart phone or tablet it enables them to offer the design up to the back of their house in 3D to give them an incredible experience of how their new products will look. They can view the conservatory overlaid on to their house from the outside or look from the inside of the house into their new conservatory to get a full picture of the benefits of their new installation. The design can include furniture of their choosing to give them a true effect, and the code sharing feature enables them to make changes through consultation with the installer and then see those designs again brought to life in front of their eyes in full Augmented Reality mode.

There is little doubt that this extraordinary level of engagement with homeowners at the design stage has benefits to the installers and has a direct positive impact on conversion rates.



Hexalok™ is an exceptionally strong, high security SIX point multi-point lock for inline sliding doors.

This new multi-point lock boasts a centre hook bolt and five additional mushroom cams providing extra secure locking and prevents lifting of the sliding doors. It also has unique Torx adjustment to security cams for increased cam strength along with a central alignment mark on both lock and keep for ease of installation.

Hexalok™ is available in two versions for optimum cam positioning: Version A (Long) – locking cams spread further apart, and Version B (Short) – cam positions are more closely spaced. The removable lockcase with its stainless-steel gear simplifies maintenance.

Hexalok™ is supplied with standard cams, security cams (1mm less clearance) and 2mm spacers for increased cam height.



Following four years of extensive research, testing and development, the IONIC is much
more than a ‘normal’ electronic lock. Designed with inbuilt intuitive haptic technology, the
IONIC understands and detects different forms of attack and alerts the homeowner

From attempted vandalism and theft through to a fire outside the door, the haptic technology
offers unrivalled protection against a vast range of safety risks.

The IONIC’s high levels of security and safety add to a host of other features designed to
improve the experience both for the installer and the end user.

Recognising that door fabricators are reluctant to fit electronic multipoint locks because of
complicated charging wires, the IONIC has been designed without them. It uses a low
wattage, wireless charging unit that takes minutes to install, eliminating a major hurdle that
has prevented electronic locks from becoming mainstream.

To ensure installation as is as easy as possible, the IONIC’s setup mirrors that of the
renowned Fullex Autolock. Identical routing specifications enable a seamless transition.
Integrating chargers and power cables are remarkably straightforward, and everything an
installer needs comes in one simple package. Comprehensive fitting instructions are
provided alongside a convenient smartphone App. This App serves as a valuable resource
hub for installers, offering tutorials to address the most common queries, ensuring a smooth
and efficient installation experience.

As well as easing installation, the IONIC maximises aesthetics. Its elegant design enhances
the appearance of any entrance door, adding to its appeal.

With multiple patents, the IONIC is a British design revolution that reimagines what an
electronic door lock should do for the entire supply chain from the door manufacturer
through to the end user.

Link Vent 4000


In June 2022, the Building Regulations Approved Document F (means of ventilation)
changed, meaning that companies replacing windows and doors had to factor in a means to
ventilate all habitable rooms to comply with the new regulations. The most practical,
affordable and easiest way to comply is to install a trickle vent in a window and door.
Anticipating this change and the challenges for installers, Glazpart by June 2022, launched
the Link Vent 4000 for a home’s smaller rooms (and windows/doors) such as kitchens,
bathrooms, hallways etc.

The Link Vent 4000 is installed into a window or door to provide the regulatory passive
(background) ventilation in a dwelling. The Link Vent 4000 EQA (Equivalent Area) is the
measure of the vents’ airflow performance (4000mm2). The vents are designed to fully
comply with Building Regulations. With a clever design that is simple and user-friendly for
both opening and closing - the Link Vent's innovative closing action allows more control to
reduce draughts by directing air away from occupants. The Link Vent 4000 closure plate is
split to allow for partial (50%) opening and greater ease of opening of the ventilator. The
Link Vent 4000 also has rounded ends of the vent to allow for installation on timber windows
and it is available in either screw or clip in fixing types - the design eliminates the need for
end caps whilst the clip fix design (Pawl’s) allows for a fast, easy vent installation. Its smart
design, easy fitting, and functionality combined with a huge choice of colours and decorative
finishes make it easy for installers to choose the Link Vent for their windows and doors. The
Link Vent 4000 can both cool a house when overheating or moderate temperatures through
smart ventilation when properties become cold and heating is turned on.

Soudal Window System


Soudal is the largest independent manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and PU foams. Our
commitment towards quality and product performance has resulted in a pioneering range of
installation products, as well as the creation of the Soudal Window System (SWS).

SWS offers installers a solution for the increasingly stringent expectations and requirements
regarding the energy performance of buildings, by combining (certified) high-quality
products for a long lasting, well insulated, airtight and weatherproof seal around windows
and door connections. The select range of sealants, PU-foams, pre-compressed tapes, liquid
membranes and self-adhesive tapes included within SWS can always offer installers the right
combination and solution regardless of the building or installation method.

The Soudal Window System focuses on three levels to ensure optimal thermal performance
throughout the entire life-span of the window/door installation: Exterior Sealant (Soudaseal
215LM), Frame Insulation (Soudafoam Window & Door SWS) & Interior Sealant (Acryrub
Exterior Sealant - Soudaseal 215LM:
• Very low emissions EC1+ certified
• Virtually odourless
• Low Modulus 100% hybrid polymer sealant no extension
• Permanently elastic after curing
• Non-staining on porous substrates such as natural stone ASTM C1248
• Paintable with water-based paints
• Tested to ISO11600 F25LM
• Extensive colour range including classic RAL range
• Silicone, solvent, isocyanate, halogen and acid free
• IFT certified
Frame Insulation - Soudafoam Window & Door:
• Airtight IFT certified RAL MO 01/1
• High Linear Yield – Greater number of meters achieved (22m per cannister)
• Highly flexible – Maximises durability of the installation
• High Acoustic rating 60dB
• Excellent thermal conductivity 34.5 mW/mK
• Fast curing
Interior Sealant – Acryrub:
• Permanently elastic after curing – does not crack
• Paintable
• Low emissions EC1+
• Virtually odourless
• IFT and RAL certified
• Certified to ISO11600 F 12.5 E

vsHome AR


Throughout our daily lives, we encounter a plethora of digital technologies – we’re constantly
glued to our smartphones, and even our homes have become smart, delivering entertainment and security at the convenient touch of a button.

Technology is one of the fastest growing sectors out there, and within the glazing industry,
several solutions have come to the fore in recent years.

It’s why this year at PST, we decided to develop vsHome AR, an innovative app that allows
installers to share product designs directly to their customer’s phone or tablet using
augmented reality. The customer can choose from three different viewing modes – Real
Scale, Tabletop and VR – giving them the opportunity to look around, step inside and explore
their potential purchase before making a commitment.

vsHome AR works as a companion app to vsHome, our sales platform that has been designed specifically for installers.

vsHome is an advanced yet simple to use sales and surveying software solution where you
can design, visualise, and price a wide range of products such as windows, doors,
conservatories, garden rooms and more. With an integrated 3D editor and simple to use drag and drop tools, installers can bring their customers’ ideas to life.

With the development of vsHome, we needed to take this a step further in order to allow
installers to complete the sales process using modern augmented reality technology.
Through vsHome AR, then, installers can share their designs with customers, and with
multiple viewing modes, homeowners can either scale the model to a life size representation
on the side of their home, or place it on a tabletop.

With vsHome AR, installers can add a real wow factor to their sales visits, giving potential
customers more control over their investments, increase conversion rates, and grow their