Best installer support programme or service initiative

AdminBase TaskBoard

Designed to replace white boards and T Cards, the AdminBase TaskBoard provides companies with a digital 'Trello' or Kanban-style display grouping similar tasks across the company into lists of actions that need to be completed.

The TaskBoard is displayed to users as they login to AdminBase, showing each member of staff their tasks to focus on. Managers can see an overview of their sales and installation pipeline and identify bottlenecks before they become a major headache.

The AdminBase TaskBoard automatically updates 'live' from the data behind the scenes without any time-consuming moving of T Cards around or taking an eraser to the whiteboard!

CB Installer Training Academy

Whether new to our products or experienced – at our HQ in Sudbury, where they will also see the meticulous manufacture of our solutions first-hand.

We offer two courses: one for our Louvered Pergolas and one for our External Blinds & Awnings, with an option for a back-to-back course, providing in-depth training across all our product ranges, over two days. These courses have been designed to ensure that our trade partners fully understand how to correctly survey, install, adjust and commission our products.

We also provide ‘bite-size’ training videos for all our products via our trade portal, which our installers have access to 24/7. These clear and concise visual training aids were highly welcomed during the pandemic, when our in-person training was unable to take place, and are popular to date, as quick prompts and reminders.

At the end of the training course, all delegates receive a certificate of competency and are added to our approved database of trained installers. These certificates are valid for 12 months, thereby ensuring installers attend regular training sessions to keep up to date as we continually develop and improve our systems.

In addition to marketing purposes, this certificate acts as reassurance for end clients regarding the installer’s ability, which is particularly important when it comes to high-value products. Furthermore, if an installer moves to another company, their certificate is still valid, subsequently adding value to their resume.

Approved installers are recommended to other companies that are unable to install our products themselves – for example, a landscape designer who does not employ an installer, or an existing partner who may not have the personnel available to carry out the installation, thereby providing additional work to our installers.

DGCOS Installer Journey Benefits

We are dedicated to assisting installer members throughout every phase of their journey. Our dedication is reflected in a comprehensive framework that has six touchpoints, each designed to support and enhance installer experiences:

1. Getting started – We offer guidance to assist installers in getting started with their business and helping them build confidence, ensuring a strong foundation for success.
2. Marketing and digital – We can help installers harness the power of marketing and digital platforms, enabling them to effectively connect with potential customers and expand their reach.
3. Selling – Through insights and technique, we equip installers with the tools to convert leads into sales, and help installers close these leads, to help business growth. 4. Installing – We provide resources to make it easier for installers to install.
5. Customer service and satisfaction – Prioritising both installer and customer contentment, we have valuable experience in excellent customer service, and we can work with installers to ensure positive experiences that foster loyalty and trust with their customers.
6. Annual review – With a forward-looking approach, we can look at the installer’s past year, enabling informed planning for the year ahead to drive continuous improvement.

These 6 stages collectively encompass 32 comprehensive benefits which are tailored to the unique needs of installers. When an installer joins DGCOS, they can access all the benefits as part of their membership. Our commitment to this support programme stems from our desire for installers to perceive their DGCOS membership as an unequivocal asset, regardless of their position within their installer journey. We recognise and honour the diversity of each installer, ensuring that our assistance is relevant, valuable, and applicable at every stage. In essence, DGCOS is not only an association but can offer installers lots of specialised, industry-tailored support to amplify their success.

Endurance Installer Partner Scheme

The Endurance Installer Partner scheme is one of the most fundamental elements of the Endurance Doors platform and with over 800 installers throughout the country, only 250 are currently classed as our Partners. It is our focus to provide this select group of customers with the very best in service to ensure the sustainable growth of their business.

Our requirements to qualify as an Installer Partner:

We want to see a well-presented online presence, an easy to navigate website and a strong and regularly updated presence on social media channels;

Demonstrate an effective customer care policy that puts the needs of the homeowner first, with effective policies for handling complaints;

Demonstrate a consistent track record of installing Endurance doors to our agreed fitting standards. An excellent online reputation backed up with a review service such as Trustpilot of Google Reviews is preferred;

They are required to be an accredited member of FENSA or CERTASS.

In return we provide:

The most reliable composite door product on the market, short leads times and excellent an OTIF rate of nearly 100%;

Effective and trackable customer care support in the form of online system called AMICUS;

Our door designer which generates over a 1000 leads each week for our network for free;

A free web listing on our popular website that can be searched by location or found with a local web search via SEO;

Our own support engineers who will visit their customers in the event of a manufacturing fault;

Showroom doors and support with setting up their own showroom with point of sale and Branding;

A wide range of marketing assets including photography and video of high quality Installations;

Support with marketing activities such as graphic design, printed materials, door drops and social media assets.


The Glazpartners programme allows Glazpart and customers who value the partnership of working together for mutual benefit, to develop and deliver products to meet the business needs of both companies, whilst promoting compliance to best practice and building regulations. The partnership involves collaboration, discussing issues and challenges and finding the best product solutions to meet not just the building regulations, but also to make life easier for manufacturing, fabricating, transporting and installing finished window and door products to ensure that homeowners are not just satisfied but delighted.

For all Glazpartners participating in the customer loyalty programme, Glazpart offer free promotional benefits including:

1) Listing, logo, backlinks (to Glazpartners website) and promotional article on the bespoke Glazpartners webpage

2) Product display/branding on Glazpart’s stands at trade fairs and events (including FIT Show)

3) Joint articles for the trade and regional media

4) Use of the Glazpartners Logo

5) Promotion via social media channels.

Since the Glazpartners initiative was launched in May this year (2023), over 40 companies have joined the programme including the UK's leading fabricators, systems houses, hardware distributors and installers.

Independent Network

Independent Network, powered by VEKA PLC, stands as a beacon of trust and quality in the UK home improvement industry. In a sector historically tarnished by unreliability and consumer scepticism, Independent Network has redefined excellence since 1996, meticulously crafting a culture of integrity and unmatched craftsmanship. It’s a collective that champions the local craftsman, ensuring their work, often overshadowed by larger competitors, receives the recognition and consumer confidence it deserves.

By uniting under VEKA’s esteemed banner, member companies gain a competitive edge: leveraging the “stamp of approval” and Insurance Backed Guarantee of Independent Network, thus ensuring consumers can make substantial investments in their homes with confidence. This support extends far beyond brand trust; it encapsulates Marketing, Training, Technical, Finance, and Health and Safety advisory, transforming independent businesses into industry powerhouses. Independent Network doesn't just uplift businesses; it secures peace of mind for both the craftsman and the homeowner, underpinning the finest PVCu products with comprehensive guarantees and unparalleled support.