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Grabex Windows

The customer, Sophisticated Construction Ltd, approached us with the architectural plans
for a rear extension to the property in Kingston upon Thames, Southview Warren Park, which
featured oversized glazing installed at 2 of its sides meeting neatly to create a corner
opening. So far none of the systems could meet their design brief, as there were a few
further requirements that had to be met. The extension was to become a spa room opening
to the garden, and housing a sauna, steam room, large lounge area and connected to the
swimming pool and gym area. No particular system was specified, so the customer came to
us looking for recommendations.

Overall architectural slimline aesthetic was of the utmost importance to the customer. The
planned corner glazed doors featured 5 oversized panels of the total length of 12.5m, and the
other shorter side of 7.5m consisted of 3 panels, with triple track specified, and with the
glass-to-glass connection of the fixed panels being crucial to the overall aesthetic! Only 2 of
the panels at both sides were to be motorised. The doors also had to be in the custom RAL
1013 Oyster White (to complement the look of the stone finish of the extension)and in marine
grade coating due to the character of the extension.

Horizon Architectural Glazing

We successfully executed the comprehensive design, survey, and installation of 25
windows, 4 raked frames, 4 single doors, and 4 sets of lift-and-slide doors for a
sustainable property and its annex, offering panoramic views of the Cornish coast.

Our mandate was to ensure the optimal efficiency of all products in alignment with passive
Haus standards, concurrently maximising the property's scenic vistas of the bay. Emphasis
was placed on seamlessly integrating the frames into the architecture, minimising visible
outer frames, and harmonising with the charcoal cladding and green eco roofs.

Addressing the client's technological preferences, we prioritised features such as keypad
entry for effortless access, catering to the client's and their family's convenience and
security requirements.

Given the substantial incorporation of steel elements within the structure, our expertise
extended to the cladding of these steels, ensuring a flawlessly cohesive finish across the
entire facade. This task was particularly critical in the expansive corner gable section of the
property, where a seamless integration was paramount for aesthetic and structural

James Wilding Joinery

To manufacture doors and windows for a Grade II listed farmhouse and the attached barns, that are being converted into living accommodation. The design of the windows and doors need to be sympathetic to the age and character of the building, but be as energy efficient as possible. To also remove plastic and aluminium windows that were already in the building and replace with more in keeping wooden alternatives.

Timber was specified, as the property is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and listed, as the use of other products such as uPVC aren't in keeping with the traditional look that they are trying to achieve. The doors and windows had to be in keeping and aesthetically pleasing, retaining character throughout.

Lightfoot Windows (Kent) 

This was a complete renovation of a 4,610 square foot semi-detached house. Working alongside both the interior designers and main contractors, we were tasked with designing and installing a series of internal and external Crittall steel screens and doors, the majority of which needed to be fire-rated.

PL Glazing

The glazing on this project was part of a full property renovation on a Victorian terrace house in Fulham. The brief we were given for the glazing was to upgrade the existing box sash windows and timber doors, replacing like-for-like designs with new double-glazed units, in place of the exiting single glazed units. The intention was to match the design, due to planning requirements, but improve the energy efficiency and thermal performance of the glazing. We were also asked to provide new glazed units in the shape of an external steel heritage style doors from the kitchen to the rear garden, a large roof lantern in the kitchen and a flat rooflight on the roof, over the staircase. Internally, we were instructed to install a heritage style glazed wall and door in-between the entrance hallway and living room and a fixed screen between the hallway and kitchen. The intention of both these units was to create a physical division between the two spaces, but allow light flow in areas that would otherwise be dark. Ultimately the client wanted to modernise a previously tired looking space that had not been renovated for many years and improve the energy efficiency of the entire property.

Style Windows

Style Windows was honoured to collaborate with Godel Architects on a ground-breaking
project that sought to transform high-end living experiences in Jersey. Situated in a stunning
coastal location, the design intent was to create a residence that would serve as a seamless
extension of its natural surroundings without compromising the energy efficiency. The
architectural vision was focused on minimalist framing to maximise the breath-taking
panoramic views, large spans of glass to invite the outdoors in, and intricate detailing to
ensure the highest levels of performance, weather resistance and aesthetics.

Our brief was to bring this vision to life through meticulous design, supply, and installation of
suitable glazing products and this demanded a high level of precision, given the significant
structural deflections that had to be accommodated without compromising on the minimalist
aesthetic. The large spans of glass were not just an architectural feature but also a complex
engineering challenge, requiring innovative solutions to handle the weight and size of the
glass while maintaining the integrity of the structure.

Quality, workmanship, and design were of paramount importance, and our team was
committed to meeting these high standards. We were selected for this ambitious project due
to our reputation for exceptional quality, long-standing supplier partnerships, and a proven
track record in delivering similar high-end projects in Jersey. The project was a significant
construction undertaking where every element, from the framing to the glass specifications,
had to be executed flawlessly to meet the exacting standards set by both the client and the
design team.

The project was a harmonious blend of design intent and engineering excellence, aiming to
create a residence that would set a new benchmark for high-end comfort, aesthetics and

Thames Valley Windows

Nestled within Lower Bourne’s most sought-after private roads, amongst beautifully
landscaped gardens, sat a dated, detached bungalow in desperate need of attention and a
design overhaul - both inside and out.

Following the purchase of the house in 2020, the new owner saw huge potential to extend
and renovate the property, creating a perfect family home while elevating its specification to
the same standard as neighbouring houses.

The core elements of the client’s brief, given to Kate Stobbart Architects detailed the desire
to design a highly sustainable, contemporary home. In order to achieve this, the client
thought it necessary to install minimal architectural glazing solutions. Not only did the
windows and doors being fitted throughout the whole property need to offer slim sightlines
and ample natural light, but they wanted the glazing systems to connect living spaces with
the outdoors, offering panoramic views across the garden and connecting Surrey

It was also outlined that the new property must comply with the Farnham Design Statement,
Farnham Neighbourhood Plan Policy, FNP16 Extensions, and FNP1 New Development and
Conservation, while still being in keeping with the surrounding areas.
Due to the bespoke nature of the property’s design and the requirements to be met, new
made-to-measure windows and doors were needed for the project, and Thames Valley
Windows were highly recommended to the client, by the builders already working alongside

Vernon UPVC and Joinery

The project was separated into 2 phases;

In phase 1 we installed black uPVC windows which provides a striking visual. The incorporation of dummy casements adds architectural charm and the two uPVC glazed doors contribute to an open and bright interior.

Phase 2 consisted of the installation of a glass curtain wall paired with a bifold door, a distinctive shape frame, and the strategic concealment of steel posts in uPVC presents a design synergy that achieves a seamlessly integrated and contemporary aesthetic. The glass curtain wall fills the spaces with natural light while fostering a visual connection between indoors and outdoors. Complemented by a bifold door, this setup offers flexibility, seamlessly merging interior and exterior environments. The shape frame not only enhances the overall architectural appeal but also adds a touch of sophistication. We concealed the steel posts in uPVC which contributes to a unified and sleek appearance while also ensuring durability and resistance to the elements. This installation creates a seamless and modern look whilst also prioritizes functionality. The dual-door design of the French entrance door not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also allows for ample natural light, creating a well-lit entryway. With features like multi-point locking systems and energy-efficient glazing, these doors offer both style and practicality.

This combination overall enhances the curb appeal of the property but also ensures energy efficiency and security. We believe that the black uPVC frames creates a bold and sophisticated look.