Best feature door installation

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Camel Glass and Joinery

Camel was tasked with designing and constructing an entrance door that not only had an impressive aesthetic but was highly durable and could withstand the harsh elements as it would be exposed to in the location in Pool. In order to achieve this, Camel made use of a combination of high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

The door was fabricated primarily from tricoya, a type of hardwood known for its durability. Steel reinforcing was also incorporated into the design to ensure that the door remained dimensionally stable and could withstand the extreme pressures and stresses it would be subjected to. The use of these materials allowed for a reliable structure that could withstand any weather condition.

To further enhance its durability, Camel applied a bronze liquid metal coating to the door which was both aesthetically pleasing and practical, providing additional protection against the harsh elements.

The use of 316 stainless ironmongery was also employed, providing a layer of protection against rust and other forms of corrosion. This was necessary given the exposed location of the door, which would make it vulnerable to damage from saltwater and other corrosive agents.

Camel's attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship resulted in a door that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly durable and functional. The end result was a beautiful entrance door that would last for years to come and provide reliable performance regardless of any weather conditions or other environmental factors it may be exposed to.

Grabex Windows

The customer, Sophisticated Construction Ltd, approached us with the architectural plans
for a rear extension to the property in Kingston upon Thames, Southview Warren Park, which
featured oversized glazing installed at 2 of its sides meeting neatly to create a corner
opening. So far none of the systems could meet their design brief, as there were a few
further requirements that had to be met. The extension was to become a spa room opening
to the garden, and housing a sauna, steam room, large lounge area and connected to the
swimming pool and gym area. No particular system was specified, so the customer came to
us looking for recommendations.

Overall architectural slimline aesthetic was of the utmost importance to the customer. The
planned corner glazed doors featured 5 oversized panels of the total length of 12.5m, and the
other shorter side of 7.5m consisted of 3 panels, with triple track specified, and with the
glass-to-glass connection of the fixed panels being crucial to the overall aesthetic! Only 2 of
the panels at both sides were to be motorised. The doors also had to be in the custom RAL
1013 Oyster White (to complement the look of the stone finish of the extension)and in marine
grade coating due to the character of the extension.

Hayley Windows Design and Installation

To replace an old UPVC front entrance door with a new composite door and UPVC frames, 
including bespoke heritage glass

James Wilding Joinery – Russell

To manufacture a door to the customer's bespoke design. The door must be made from
sustainable wood (ideally Accoya) and feature good quality stainless steel ironmongery. The
clients had just moved to this property and wanted to replace their old plastic front door with
something that was more in keeping with the look of the building and surrounding area.
They also wanted a product that would last a long time - hence using Accoya.

Jewel Windows

The customer had an existing front door that consisted of mahogany wooden frame with full
glass with 1/3 frosting in the centre of each panel. They wanted to update their front door to
a modern uPVC door with glass panelling either side, to not only modernise the look of their
property, but to better insulate their front entrance.

Radcliffe Glass and Windows

A totally Bespoke Spitfire Aluminium Door with Fingerprint Entry and side-panels.

Tradeglaze (Lincoln)

Our customer was looking for a makeover of their bungalow property with aluminium front 
entrance and flush casement windows.